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In Our 42nd Year of Business!


On February 2, 1969, Aero-K.A.P. Inc. was incorporated for the purpose of supplying wire and cable to West Coast users by representing Eastern manufacturers and to offer years of engineering expertise and knowledge to its customers.

Robert E. Stabler has been the CEO of Aero-K.A.P. Inc. since its inception.  He is a graduate of the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.  He has wide knowledge and experience in electrical and electronic components, particularly wire and cable and shrinkable tubing.  He has been very involved in the manufacturing process as well as in the development of the end uses of these products.

Robert Stabler was employed by the DuPont Company for nineteen years during which time he was reponsible for the product development, marketing development and marketing of the Teflon® Fluoro Carbon Resins and Kapton® Polyimide Films.  Stabler has written several papers on these products and presented them at technical conferences.

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