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126 La Porte, Unit F   •  P.O. Box 661240

Arcadia, CA  91066

(626) 574-1704    Fax (626) 446-8630


Aero-K.A.P. Inc. specializes in:

  •  High Temperature -  Teflon® and Kapton® Wire

  • Multi-Temperature (1000˚ F) Wire and Cable

  • Test and Instrumentation Products

  • Tubing: Slip-On, Shrinkable and Split Loom

Aero-K.A.P. Inc. supplies other types of wire and cable as well. 

See our complete product list and military specifications.


Aero-K.A.P. Inc. also offers:

  • Custom Cables built to your Specification

  • Wire Processing

  • Wire Cut and Stripping to required dimensions

  • Tinned Ends if desired

  • Etching and Stripping of Wires, as required

  • Harness Assembly

  • Engineering Assistance, if needed

In Our 42nd Year of Business!


At Aero-K.A.P. Inc, we do all we can to get the product to you quickly.

Quick Response!  1-2 days if needed!


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